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Kick it Down Promotions is a community focused live music business in Hamilton, Ontario. Our work is designed to foster a sense of belonging, community spirit, and build opportunities for people to come together through shared experiences.

Let Us Help

Are you a community-driven business or event interested in adding or improving the live music component of your project?  We can help connect the dots between your company mission, value aligned artists, music fans, and other businesses who share your passion.

Live music and arts bring people together, create lasting memories, and help build healthy prosperous communities.

Available Services

In addition to K.I.D.P. presents events, we also offer curating and planning services for like-minded organisations, festivals, and live music venues.



  • Establish effective GAP analysis, measurable goals, and KPIs

  • Build strategies around the internal and external factors defining your SWOT profile

  • Create and manage workback schedules for all components including artist programming, media planning, municipal relations, online marketing, admissions, and direct-to-fan strategies

  • Develop uniform branding and digital assets across your social channels and websites



  • Understand your customers through psychographic profiles and data analytics​

  • Engage your constituents in the decision-making processes

  • Create innovative engagement strategies and brand partnerships​

  • Define your business citizenship profile

  • Public relations and communications​



  • Oversee the entire lifecycle of your project, from initial concept to completion, while ensuring that every component aligns with your quality standards, values, vision, and budget

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure successful event deployment​

  • Provide leadership, management, and direction to event staff, vendors, contractors, and volunteers

  • Provide detailed post-event evaluations


Live Music

  • Identify value aligned musicians, routing avails, manage performance offers and contract negotiations

  • Artist programming highlighted by local musicians, and international Juno and Grammy award winning artists

  • Ensure events run seamlessly and coordinate production, backline, show advance, artist publicity, rider obligations, settlements, and all day-of-show logistics​

If you include performing arts in your business, it can improve the quality and experience of your project, for both customers, your team, and the community where you operate.

Our Happy Venue Partners

Some are gone but not forgotten.

Thank you for the memories and your dedication to our live music communities.

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We enjoy working with artists and other groups who reflect our commitment to leadership, equity, environment, and happiness, and we understand how live music cultivates strong emotional bonds.

Some kind words from a few people we admire...

"Carson has proven that if you bring top level entertainment to this city – whether to a night club or a concert hall – the people will come. And they’ll come not just from Hamilton, but also Toronto, London, and Buffalo."

Graham Rockingham - The Hamilton Spectator

We are honoured to have worked with many of our favourite local and international touring artists

Marco Benevento Trio (w/ Dave Dreiwitz, Andrew Borger), Maria Muldaur, Charlie Hunter, John Scofield Trio (w/ Steve Swallow, Bill Stewart), Huron w/ Terra Lightfoot, The Human Rights, Grady (Gordie Johnson, "Big" Ben Richardson, Chris Layton), B.A. Johnston, The Codetalkers (w/ Col. Bruce Hampton, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Jimmy Herring), Truths & Rights (w/ Gary Lowe, Mojah, Friendliness), Michelle Titian, Jamie Oakes, Riddim Riders, House of David Gang, Herbaliser Band, Tortured Soul, Brazilian Girls, Resinators (w/ Raffa Dean, Bernie Pitters), Fat Cats, Diesel Dog, Addison Groove Project, Little Feat, Harrison Kennedy, Dave Lauzon, Brian Griffith, Jesse O’Brien, JP Riemens and The Barflies, Romney Lee Getty, Surprise Me Mr. Davis, Woodshed Orchestra, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Sam Klassik, Warsawpack, Bad Religion, The Casualties, Vorcza, Contact, Mr. Something Something, Raphael Keelan, Burt Neilson Band, Stephen Franke & Noises From The Toolshed, The Barettas, Rasinhill, Tre Hardson & Fuqawi (Slimkid3), Errol Starr Francis, Yukon Blonde, Zen Tricksters, Heiruspecs, Jamie Shea, Martin Verrall (w/ Jack Pedler, Mike Williams), New Riders of the Purple Sage, Creeping Chester, Rachel Heart, Godsons of Noise (Hachey the MouthPEACE), OM Trio, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Garaj Mahal, Wax Mannequin, Lotus


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